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Testimonials... Thank you to my amazing clients and their horse!


        After my last horse, Lilly, (who lived to the grand age of at least 29), passed, I was unsure that I would ever have horses again. That changed during the summer of 2012, when a major drought seriously affected Ontario hay crops, and Ontario Thoroughbred racing was in turmoil. After reading an article in the Toronto Star about OTTBs, and following the unfolding plight of Thoroughbreds in Ontario, I eventually found my way to the Fort Erie Racetrack in October, meeting up with Second Start Thoroughbreds, and ending up bringing home two OTTBs, Crown of Glory and Tihana. This truly was the epitome of midlife crisis craziness, as I hadn’t ridden in nearly 20 years, was 50 lbs. overweight, and here I was, bringing OTTBs home. The ensuing chain of events runs something like this: while Crown and Tihana decompressed from track life, I began riding lessons again, rejoined Weight Watchers, and began to seriously look for the right person to work with me, and with my OTTBs. I realized that this was not going to be the easiest task, given the scenario I have described above, and I also knew that not everyone is enamoured with OTTBs. However, I found Josslyn’s website through some Internet searching, but more importantly, when I contacted a person who opinion I highly value, she heartily endorsed Josslyn as being her very first recommendation for someone to work with me and my horses. I contacted Josslyn, and the rest, so to speak, is history. Crown and Tihana are two very different horses, —Crown, 5 year old gelding at the time (whose claim to fame is that he was bought by Zayat Stables, of American Pharoah fame) for $150,000 as a yearling, and won only $66,000 in his racing career), came to me after quite a period of time at the track. Tihana, a 2 year old only ran two races, and didn’t have the speed for racing, but definitely had the attitude from a horse who did, had her own issues to address! Crown thanks his lucky stars every day he’s not at a racetrack, Tihana expects us all to pay homage to her!

        Josslyn took all of us on, and we began the journey that’s still underway as I write this. Josslyn’s never-ending patience and calm approach with both horses, coupled with her considerable skill set, has resulted in steady, solid progress in both horses. Josslyn has an ability to inspire confidence in both the horses with whom she works, but also the rider. She is non-judgmental, and is sensitive to the needs of both horse and rider. She is an excellent communicator, and always seeks to confirm that the training program is meeting the needs of both horse and owner. Her flexibility, particularly in terms of refining and revising training approaches has resulted in some significant successes with my horses. Her knowledge of Thoroughbreds and Canadian racing was instrumental in helping me acquire Tihana's paper, which I would not have been able to do without her help. I am truly grateful for the work Josslyn has done with Crown, Tihana and me, and I look forward to continued progress in the time ahead.

Shelley Mackenzie-Coates with Crown & Tihana

I asked Josslyn for help putting miles on a young mule, simply because I wanted someone younger and more agile than me if he acted up. This mule was born here on the farm and I love his personality, but I'm way too close to 60 to start trusting an aging body up against an athletic youngster. Right from the start, Josslyn's mannerisms, quiet confidence, etc. won him over and we had several good rides. I'm in the process of fine-tuning his britchen and little does he know it, but this year will be HIS year. With any luck, Josslyn will come for a fun ride and help me continue his training! Thanks so much - I have MUCH more confidence now with how he moves and reacts. I'm just really happy with his maturity! and thank God - his front end finally matches his backend! LOL

Brenda & Barney The Mule

Josslyn started working with my gelding while I was pregnant and not able to ride. My gelding can be skittish and was essentially a one-woman horse, but I found Josslyn to have remarkable skill at reading the psyche of the horse and understand him.  Her ability to do this enabled her to recognize and handle the horse's frustrations or fears and work through them, resulting in a happy horse, trainer and owner! Words can’t express how pleased I am with how she managed to do such a great job on him, keeping me updated on his progress and sending pictures for me to see when I could not be present. I found Josslyn very kind and patient, succeeding in having my gelding advance in his training in a calm and quiet manner. Now with a young baby at home, I will continue to work with Josslyn and foster the growing partnership between her and Gideon. I am completely confident in her skills and highly recommend her!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jaclyn Hunter & Gideon


Josslyn came into my life when I purchased a nervous Paso Fino mare, I knew I needed some help with her and I did a little research on trainers in the Quinte area and luckily came across someone with Paso Fino experience! She came to meet with my mare, and I was very pleased with her gentle and patient approach. She took her time with Sugar, and never rushed her, waited until she was ready for whatever the next step maybe.... Josslyn understood the Paso breed and how to ride through some of their little 'quirks' I am happy to say that I learned alot just from observing her working with my horse. Thank you Josslyn for the time and care you spent with me and Sugar!


 - Vicki Vanmeeuwen & Sugar


I met Josslyn about 3 years ago when we boarded our horses at the same facility... Actually I met Josslyns horse Vic before I met Josslyn...and thought she was an amazing horse. I like to see my coaches ride before I get coaching from them and Josslyn and Vic are an amazing team... I also enjoyed a hack one spring day and got to know Josslyn as a person and find her to be a knowledgeable and competent horse person. Last year I decided to take some lessons at home on my horse Sam. Our first lesson was uneventful and it was great to have Josslyns help. Our second lesson Sam decided that he was not co operarting and Josslyn rode Sam for me...again I was amazed at how quickly she can connect with a horse she's only just met. This spring I decided it was time to start my TB gelding Gavin back to work and once again Josslyn was there (despite being very pregnant) and helped me work with him. I think Josslyn is a great coach and trainer and would highly recommend her!!
- Dawn Fisher Ashbridge and Gavin & Sam

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