JMC Equine Services 

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Horse Starting and Training

           Josslyn has been backing and starting horses successfully for a number of years. Working in large stables throughout Ontario, including Windfield Farms in Oshawa, she has developed successful techniques for a variety of breeds and disciplines. These horses may include warmbloods of various breeds, gaited breeds and specializing in Thoroughbreds both pre and post track.

           Josslyn works with each individual client to create a progressive training program to help the horse safely reach the owners goals, whether it be for racing, or re-training for a new career, pleasure or the show ring. She will also dedicate some time working with the owner and horse once the horse is at a point of being appropriate and ready for the owner.

           Our facilities include a large 100 x 100 outdoor sandring that is harrowed regularly, stadium jumps and obstacles, various turn out paddocks which are rotated regularly and over 126 acres of beautiful well kept trails.

2017 Training Rates

Basic Training Board:

* $850 per month (30 days)

* includes individual pasture board with hay and water provided

* 4-5 training sessions or lessons per week

Inclusive Training Board:

* $1050 per month (30 days)

* Regular stall board at an approved stable with an indoor arena and full facilities

* Grain, Hay etc included

* 4-5 Training sessions per week.